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Why should you move to the western entrance of Monaco?

Jardin Exotique is in a strategic position at the north-western side of Monaco. It isn’t as busy as the city centre but it has local shops, a museum, a theatre, the Exotic Garden and the Princesse Antoinette Park to keep residents entertained. It is also just a little ways away from La Condamine and the Port of Fontvieille.

You might want to consider looking into properties for sale in Jardin Exotique if you are looking for a quiet residential place in the French Mediterranean. It is a calm location with many apartments overlooking the Principality of Monaco and the sparkling sea.

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Patio Palace

Patio Palace

Total Area
744 sqm
Jardin Exotique
32,000,000 €

Why Invest in Jardin Exotique Property

Jardin Exotique has a steadily increasing real estate market. More people are discovering the appeal of the regulated district’s tranquil environment and magnificent view of the entire principality and the Mediterranean Sea. So, real estate investments are at an all-time high — and it helps that the district is easily accessible.

The Jardine Exotique district has six public lifts that make the entire city-state accessible by foot. A few lifts and a flight of stairs can easily lead you from the district to the city centre.

You don’t have to walk all the time, though. Jardine Exotique has a few key routes for motorists:

  1. First is the Boulevard du Jardin Exotique, the most popular route for visitors arriving from the western borders of the principality. The boulevard leads to commercial establishments and shopping areas in Les Moneghetti.
  2. Second is the Boulevard de Belgique, which is almost parallel to the first boulevard mentioned. This one leads to the Princess Grace Hospital and down to the Fontvieille district.
  3. The third route is Avenue Hector Otto, which leads to the French town of La Turbie where residents can pick up necessities from the supermarket or the pharmacy.

You can have this simple yet luxurious lifestyle in Jardin Exotique.

Why Work with Our Real Estate Team

Caroline Olds Real Estate has seen Monaco’s real estate market develop for decades. Our agents have more than 30 years’ experience to identify which properties for sale in Jardin Exotique are worth investing in. We have risen to become one of the most trusted and respected real estate agencies in the principality.

Take a look at our streamlined process:

  1. We give you real estate options based on your enquiry.
  2. We arrange meetings and property visits with you.
  3. We negotiate with property sellers for you.
  4. We assist with the legal and documentary requirements.
  5. We provide support during your move-in process when necessary.

We work in harmony with fellow real estate agencies to promote Monaco as an idyllic place to live and work. You can count on us to secure real estate opportunities in Jardin Exotique’s affluent neighbourhood.

Explore Our Portfolio of Jardin Exotique Properties

Caroline Olds Real Estate features a diverse selection of properties for sale in Jardin Exotique, Monaco. We are well-versed with the local real estate market and can secure exclusive properties that aren’t even available on the market. Please come to us and get a free consultation regarding your property investment decisions.

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