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Sharing the benefit of our experience

Caroline Olds Real Estate offers access to support services in Monaco and several useful publications on how to benefit from Monaco government initiatives.

We can help you with the following useful contacts in Monaco when considering moving to Monaco.

How to obtain a residence permit in Monaco, buying and registering a business, recommendations for good restaurants and schools, introductions to residents’ clubs and associations, information about concierge services, medical and beauty centres, places to buy English books and beautiful furniture at good prices.

Our objective is to share the benefit of our experience and provide attractive choices for you and your family in Monaco.

State Education in Monaco

Within the state education system in Monaco there are six nursery and primary schools, a secondary school, a general lycée (upper secondary school) and a technical and hotel school:

Private Education in Monaco

With regard to private education under contract, there is one primary school and one establishment that comprises a nursery school, primary school, secondary school and lycée.

Associations & Members' Clubs

Hospitals & Health care

Princess Grace Hospital with an emergency department 1, avenue Pasteur

Medical Emergency dial '18'

Pharmacies and Doctors on duty during Public holidays and on Sundays dial '116 117' or the website or see in the daily newspaper 'Monaco Matin'


Sport activities

Food shopping

Interior Designers, furniture and household appliance stores