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Live in the middle of Mother Nature’s beauty by settling at Plein Sud in Jardin Exotique, otherwise known as the Exotic Garden of Monaco. 

The Future of Luxury Homes

A dramatic change lies ahead for the Jardin Exotique area. Look forward to an upcoming construction project of 66 apartments, four commercial properties, 1,819 parking spaces, and buildings for office use. This significant real estate project, which costs a total of 150 million Euros, is carved out of beautiful rocks at the western entrance of the Principality of Monaco. 
Residents can unwind in luxurious apartment spaces with quality furniture, as well as enjoy the breathtaking view of Monaco from the magnificent rooftops. 

This luxurious residential property will open its gates in 2022.

Meet the Neighbourhood

Since the demarcation in 2013, Jardin Exotique has become a regulated district of the Principality. The area brings together the old districts of La Colle and Les Révoires, as well as a part of the former Les Moneghetti district. 

Jardin Exotique covers the North Western part of Monaco’s Principality. It is bordered by the districts of La Condamine, Fontvieille, and Les Moneghetti. It is a quiet neighbourhood perfect for residents in love with serenity. The privileged few who live in one of Monaco’s luxurious areas enjoy a feeling of peace, complemented by their direct communion with the nearby bodies of water. 

Live in the Middle of It All

Jardin Exotique overlooks the rest of Monaco. Apart from its popular gardens (which hosts a variety of exotic plants), the neighbourhood is also the home of the New National Museum of Monaco in Villa Paloma, as well as the Princesse Antoinette Park. You’ll never run out of beautiful things to see when you’re out on a stroll. 
The neighbourhood also has the essentials. You may shop for groceries at the supermarket in Hector Otto Avenue. Have yourself treated at Princesse Grace Hospital Centre, the hospital established by Albert I, Prince of Monaco, which he named after Princess Grace of Monaco. Whatever you need, the area has it.


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